The tetris-Kachori app lags in production. I can feel the screen freezing for a fraction of time. Everything works smoothly in development. So I started to find ways to debug and understand what might be going wrong.

The first thought, my app is taking more RAM.

How much RAM my app consumes? Locally I can check using top and htop but can I check within the app?

The first thing I came across, use below syntax.


output as

iex(3)> :erlang.memory()
total: 34089608,
processes: 6655800,
processes_used: 6654840,
system: 27433808,
atom: 654241,
atom_used: 636936,
binary: 2595088,
code: 12227925,
ets: 1348328



So the conclusion, I need to collect metrics about machine and send it somewhere.. like Prometheus, DataDog, etc.


use Telemetry and opencensus. Telemetry-metrics, Telemetry pooler, Opencensus Telemetry, oc_datadog, etc. Telemetry polling to send more information. I see possibility to send how many connections are open at the point.

I can use DataDog and few other paid services. I read a few topics on ElixirForum mentioning integrating logging facilit of Elixir.

I understand few people are using Statix + Instruments

The end output I expect, I should see metrics in understandable format. how much RAM was consumed with number of open connections with time. And possibly mention github tag so I undertand which solution improved performance.

Thats my journey so far. Exploring more.

I will be reading Erlang In Anger